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Our Pigeon Removal Experts operate from the Gold Coast, Australia. We effectively deliver permanent pigeon removals in all surrounding Queensland and New South Wales locations. We will also travel to remote locations as needed. Our most common areas of Pigeon Removal Services are listed below and always expanding.

The Pigeon Guy | AFPP® is licensed under the Weapons Act to carry out vermin & feral pest control in both rural & non-rural locations including residential & commercial areas.

Contact us by Scheduling a Call above or entering your details in our Contact Form below regarding your Pigeon Problem. We at The Pigeon Guy | AFPP® are passionate about delivering fast and effective Pigeon Removal results to protect you, your family and your business from Pigeon Related Health Risks and Pigeon Related Diseases.


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Pigeon Removals

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Protecting You, Your Family, Your Property and Your Business from Pigeon Related Diseases and Health Risks! To Schedule A Call to book an  on-site inspection at your premises or for The Pigeon Guy to conduct an expert Pigeon Removal Service at your specific location. 

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Committed to excellence, AFPP® offers a personalised professional service that effectively removes feral pest species in Australia. This results in safer and healthier environments for you, your employees and your patrons. We use the latest in night vision technology and highly efficient operational models for the swiftest results possible. Contact us for an obligation free quote today!

AFPP® | The Pigeon Guy Business & Reputation Management:
Feral pigeons have earned themselves a very negative reputation for carrying diseases and parasites similar to rats. Your potential customers may even acquire a tainted view of your venue and services by simply observing these feral pests in the general vicinity of your premises!

AFPP® | The Pigeon Guy Pest Control & Damage Mitigation Permits:
We provide DMP options for clients that are having trouble with native animals, such as the common ibis or magpies that either cause damage to property or risk to individuals. This service is subject to approvals by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science before any work may begin. The same due process will apply for NSW and VIC Pigeon Removals.

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Pigeon Removals

Australian Feral Pest Protection (AFPP®) has over 30 years of feral pest & animal removal experience from around the world. The knowledge & skills gained over the years gives AFPP® the edge needed to succeed.

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